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Xerox Small Office Savings Plan - Free Printer Offer

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Receive a free Xerox color printer with free on-site service coverage.


Make a monthly deposit into your supplies credit account. 


Order supplies online, when you need them, from your supplies credit account.


Monthly deposits go towards supplies orders. If you have a multifunction printer, a portion of this deposit will pay for multifunction capabilities and related software. Supply credits roll over month-to-month and Genuine Xerox Supplies are sold at market prices.


Plans are short: two years (base) or one year (premium). With the premium plan, you also benefit from free shipping on all of your supplies. All plans include free shipping of the printer.


No print commitments or penalties - simply pay your monthly deposit and order supplies when you need them. You can quit the plan at any time by purchasing or returning the printer. When you complete the plan, you keep the printer.


Free color printer. Free service. It's time to advance your office.

Staying up with technology can be hard on a small business budget. When the need for a new printer arises, you must balance the business benefits with the costs. With the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan, you can get a new Xerox printer completely free when you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan. Now that's smart business.

Pay Only for What You Do

The Xerox Small Office Savings Plan gives you easy access to the latest technology by letting you pay only for what really matters - the work you do. This can come in the form of replacement supplies or the ability to scan, copy, fax, print from mobile devices and more. You choose what you need to do and pay for just that, not for printer hardware.

How It Works

The Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan is not a lease. You select a Xerox printer - for which you pay nothing - that meets your unique business needs and puts the best of today’s technology at your fingertips. With your free printer also comes free service* and support from Xerox.

In exchange, you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan in which you deposit a set amount into your Xerox account every month.

The money in your account pays for your supplies and any advanced features or software if selected. Amounts vary by model and plan but start as low as $59 per month.  Again, this monthly fee is not a fee for the use of your printer - it is to cover the consumable you use.

At the end of your plan (one year or two year, your choice), you can continue your plan and keep your printer with no additional cost or return it to Xerox. And, you can opt-out of the plan at any time.

It's that easy.

Supplies Replenishment Made Easy

Replacing toner or ink is something you need to do with any printer. Unfortunately, this need often arises at inopportune times. Now Xerox gives you a way to predict your monthly cash flow and avoid ad hoc supplies expenditures.

What do you need?

There are four color printer products in the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan. This lets you pick the one that is best for your office.

Free Service When You Need It

Even with the renowned reliability of Xerox technology, you may have questions or experience a problem. When that happens, you can rely on the free service and support that comes with your plan to keep your office and up running.

Simplify Your Operations, Boost Your Productivity

Let the power of Xerox technology with the simplicity of the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan help you grow your business today.

Available Models:

Phaser® 6500/DN

Color Laser Printer

ColorQube® 8580/DN

Color Solid Ink printer

Phaser® 7100/DN

Tabloid Color Laser Printer

WorkCentre™ 6505/DN

Color Multifunction Laser Printer


PrinterMalls by CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is excited to share the Xerox Small Office Savings Plan with you. This plan is a great way to compete more effectively in your marketplace with professional looking printed communications. Best of all, there's no capital required. We like to compare it to a Health Savings Account without the tax break.

We look forward to helping you find the Xerox product that best meets your business' needs.

Have more questions or want to sign up over the phone? Call us at 877-795-7746 or email us online through our Contact Us page above.



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